Hello & Welcome!

heart baloons by Julia&You for welcome post
heart balloons image by Julia & You

Stop what you’re doing, prepare the confetti and pop the champagne because today we are celebrating. The blog is finally up and running!

If you are reading this you’re probably family or one of my closest friends. I am forever grateful for all your continuing love, support and kind words, it would not have been possible without you.

After weeks of planning and preparing, may I proudly present My Chest of Wonders, a tiny but eager community of like-minded people on the lookout for the nice and pretty. Join the early birds as we collect and share little bits of delights to fill our lives with inspiration! We may not be big in numbers yet, but with a warm heart overflowing with plans and ideas. You can expect DIY, gastro & decor-related projects, a collage of goodies are soon to start coming your way.

A big thank you if you spread the good news in any way! You can share my posts, like my Facebook page and start following me on Pinterest. Encouraging thoughts are always welcome through the above mentioned social channels or in the comments section below. Also, do not hesitate to share with me your ideas and suggestions, your feedback will be most helpful, valued and appreciated.

So glad you are here! Let’s get started!



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