Friday Finds Is Here

A round of applause for Friday, everyone! To make the first week of spring special, I am introducing the blog’s new regular feature, Friday Finds. From now on you’ll get your weekly dose of inspiration in the form of a five-piece roundup. I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I love gathering it for you. Time to swing into that weekend mood!

Below, the latest visual wonders worth drooling over:

It’s tulip season! Photo by Mari Crea.

#1 Friday Finds tulips

Motivation for life:

#1 Friday Finds motivation

Dreamy candles from the set of a Paris wedding (photo by Le Secret d’Audrey):

#1 Friday Finds candles

Neutrals for spring on copper hangers:

#1 Friday Finds sweaters

I could eat the whole loaf with butter right now (recipe in German at A. Vogel Blog):

#1 Friday Finds bread

Happy Weekend!


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