DIY Herb Markers

DIY herb markers title image

Hope you all had a peaceful holiday! Now that you guys have the prettiest pots, I brought you another project before we plant those fragrant little shoots. To get your herb garden going organized and in style, I’ve rounded up some creative ways to label the greenery. These cute personalized herb markers will also help your less educated acquaintances know who’s who. 😉

Choose your favorite type and make a set of them or, if you live on the eclectic side, go for the all-different. As you will discover along the way, with a little imagination almost any material can be turned into a garden marker so have a look at the junk lying around, you might just find something to repurpose.

The most obvious approach is to get some wire or skewers and attach labels to them. Corks for instance, as Kristin of Cambria Estate Winery proves, make great weatherproof tags, which is a good way to use some of the millions you have (I feel you!). Write on them with permanent marker.

DIY herb markers cork
Corks on skewers

Not a wine drinker? Go see a doctor, fast! Until then, a substitute for corks can be wooden clothespins. Decorate them with washi tape as Carissa from Creative Green Living did or write some nice calligraphy, then clip on the skewers.

DIY herb markers clothespin
Clothespin tag on a skewer

Popsicle sticks, stir sticks or paint mixing sticks are great for crafts as well. Opt for something like these adorable red cedar stakes made by Trish & Co., upcycle by dipping in blackboard paint (as spotted on What You Sow), mark with rubber stamps or a wood burning tool. Easy!

DIY herb markers cedar stakes
Numbered cedar stakes
DIY herb markers blackboard
Blackboard painted herb markers

Feels good being frugal and giving new meaning to things others consider scrap, right?



Photo featured in title image by Ruth Eileen

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