Potting Herbs Is Easy


Hey there new green thumbs! Hope things are looking good in your windowsills. By now the new additions to your home’s flora should show signs of growth. Isn’t it nice to watch them produce roots and leaves out of virtually nothing? Nature is indeed wonderful.

Brace yourselves, because we’ve arrived at a point where we need to get our hands a little dirty: it’s time to pot. Tools you’ll need include the pots and containers you decorated earlier, potting soil, bucket, newspaper, gloves and a trowel. You needn’t worry though, no degree in horticulture is necessary to carry on, not much to go wrong here.

Let’s get down to business! First things first, cover your work surface and collect all the necessary equipment around you. I know it’s obvious, but still… put your hand on your heart and tell me you never had to look for something in the middle of the process. I know I did. 🙂

general potting soil mix with good drainage

That said, pour some soil in the bucket, it’s less messy to deposit to the pots that way than from a big bag. Fill the pots with soil, push down a little to compress and add some more. Arrange and separate your cuttings, cut lowest leaves from stems. You may plant each in separate pots, or create a container garden of them. If you decide on the latter, make sure to use a spacious container and leave plenty of room between the herbs.

potting herbs is easy collage

Now what you do is simply make holes in the middle of the pots, gently put the lower 1/3 of the cuttings in it, cover with soil and push down lightly. Water them carefully but thoroughly, the little hollow at the root will make it easier. Label them with your shiny new herb markers and well, that’s basically it! Congratulations on your herb garden!

potting herbs is easy kitchen garden

Caring for them from now on is really just providing a place with plenty of sunshine and watering regularly. The soil should be moist but your plants should not stand in water as that can cause rotting of the roots. No need for pesticides, the essential oils in these herbs will protect them from most known deseases. You will start using fresh spices in your kitchen sooner than you think!

Take care,


Images used in collage from Growing Chefs

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