DIY Felt Bookmark

DIY Felt Bookmark title image

I commute every day from the suburbs and the inevitable trek from my front door to work and back is not the shining moment of my day by any means. Like most of you, I feel the need to lug a ton of crap to and from, toting around half my life (plus gym change) and finding the number of my bags multiplying and getting more ridiculous in size by the minute.

But enough of the misery! What makes that train ride considerably tolerable is the books I also carry with me. Always love myself a good read! Helps shutting the world out and the journey just flies by.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

Mason Cooley

I must be old-fashioned but still prefer paper to an e-reader… And with my love of books comes the constant need for new bookmarks. The card stock ones I used to having quickly got destroyed or lost, so I decided to DIY more durable pieces for myself and the bookworms in my life. Pinterest was full of great ideas, and I chose to make some cute heart-shaped felt bookmarks.

Not much was needed: some felt material, scissors, pencil, thread and a needle. After a quick pit stop at the drapery shop on the way home, everything was ready for crafting. I have to admit sewing was never really my thing (although I try to improve), but this project is really what they call stupid easy, you’ll see.

This is how it goes:

First, design your template on cardboard (make corner right angle to fit pages). With a pencil, trace it on your material twice for each bookmark, cut out hearts.

DIY felted bookmark collage

Now you stitch them together, making a pouch for the page. Time to show off your fancy needle technique! I am sure most of you could do this part in the blink of an eye while watching TV but for me, it took some time. Had fun though, despite the pinpricks. 🙂 I was using gold embroidery thread, and this is the outcome:

DIY felted bookmark ready

DIY Felted Bookmark on bookpage

Next time you buy someone a book, top it off with this little personalised, hand-made present.

Have an awesome week!


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