DIY Gold Rimmed Marble Tray


Is it just me or does anyone else have stuff lying around you know you want to use for some project, just don’t know what exactly the project will be yet? I have boxes of such „craft supplies” waiting to be figured out. Well, one item is off that list!

Because it weren’t just pebbles that I brought home from Croatia this spring. No, I had to put the Fiance’s nerves to further testing, as on a pleasant walk along the coast we found a pile of construction waste. Ugly as it looked on the otherwise pristine shore, something caught my eye: chunks of marble slabs. Such beauties I knew right then and there I needed to take, bearing in mind how big the marble trend is in home decor right now. There came of course the rolling of eyes and the knitting of brows, but the salvaged wedges were resting in our shed since (Love you Hun!).

I had some kind of tray in mind with handles, but then the wise men in my life reminded me that drilling and polishing marble is not that simple. Special tools are needed that are not what you’d call cheap, and even with the right equipment there is a risk of the marble breaking due to our lack of experience working with it. So, I filed this affair under „maybe some other time”.

But then I came across a post by Lauren Conrad and it got me going again. Inspired by her gilded edge trays, I transformed one of my slabs into a hors d’oeuvre plate and I love how it turned out! Also, I realized that instead of drilling, I could just glue on some cabinet pulls to make my life easier.

Now I’m aware not all of you may find piles of marble waiting to be picked up, but if you like this project, you can buy marble tiles in hardware stores or you can always go to a stonemason’s yard and ask if they sell scraps. There’s even a chance to get them for free, you never know!

What you’ll need:

  • gold acrylic paint and paintbrush (acrilic paint is water-based, non toxic and becomes water-resistant when dry)
  • self-adhesive floor protector furniture leg pads
  • cabinet pulls (mine are Ikea ATTEST handles that I spray-painted gold)
  • 2-part Epoxy (resin) glue


Paint the edge of the slab, let it dry completely.



If you want nice, clean lines use painter’s tape, but a little excess paint makes it look all the more rustic.


To make sure your tray does not scratch surfaces, stick on the furniture pads.


Marble should be cleaned before applying glue (acetone is best to remove dirt or oily substances from the surface). Measure and mark where you want your handles to go, follow the instructions on the glue, and stick them on. Clean excess wet glue as soon as possible. Clamp or place a heavy object over it to help with the bonding process.


After the necessary dry-time, you’re all set! Note that the tray will be hand wash only.

Now you have a new piece of serve-ware to help you prep for your upcoming soirees. Let me know how you like the marble trend!

Happy crafting!


*Disclaimer: I like and use the products mentioned in posts on My Chest of Wonders. What I write about such items represent my genuine and unbiased opinion, I am not being compensated in any way through sponsorship or gifts.*

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