Celebrating 6 months of blogging

hells yeah balloon and cake with sparkler

Dear All,

After nursing the thought of starting a blog for quite a while but always managing to come up with excuses, I finally purchased a domain name and opened a WordPress account in February this year. 6 months and 50 posts later I invite you to celebrate a milestone with me.

I’m not the type of person you’d call spontaneous, so rather than taking an in medias res approach, I’ve immersed myself in research first. I usually (as in every time) over-plan and over-think, so the hardest part for me was indeed starting. If I’d waited until I thought I was all prepared and ready, My Chest of Wonders would still be a dream.

But I took a deep breath, got my photo taken and the website went live with the first post. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I literally searched Google for every.single.thing. I’m learning something new every day, blogging is a constant lesson about myself and my ideas, shaping my vision and aesthetic.

Since My Chest of Wonders set off, I more or less deciphered SEO, plugins, widgets, stats and such gibberish, bought a decent DSLR, read tons of blogs and some blog related books too, created a Facebook page, linked my Pinterest and Instagram accounts to the blog, and started interacting more on social media.  It’s intense!

The toughest decision I was faced with was probably the matter of the blog’s language. I live in Hungary and I knew part of my family and friends will not be able to read my posts if I were to choose English over my mother language. I don’t regret making that sacrifice though. Yes, it means that I lack some feedback from home-base, but in return I got to have all of you guys from Algeria to the US and another 50 countries from around the globe. Wow!

I’m thrilled about the future and so happy to be sharing the experience with you guys. Thanks for being part of the journey!



P.S.: This blog would not have been possible without the constant support and encouragement of my Fiance. Thank you for pushing me towards the first keystrokes! Oh, and let’s not forget fearlessly volunteering to try the results of all my experiments in the kitchen. I love you to pieces!

“Hells Yeah” balloon available at Thimblepress, photography by Delbarr Moradi

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