Getting Real About My Eating Habits

vegetables on table

I was working on a future post featuring a very decadent dessert while munching on a tuna salad the other day, when I suddenly felt the need for a reality check. Like I had to come clean about my eating habits. Why?

The majority of my blog posts are food related, rather from the indulgent than the health conscious side. I never used the tags ‘diet’ or ‘clean eating’ once, and while I do make and chow down everything I post, that’s not the whole picture.

The food seen on My Chest of Wonders was likely prepared and enjoyed on weekends. I don’t even cook on weekdays normally, my Husband and I both have full-time jobs plus we commute a lot, and those goodies are my cheat day meals (more on that later).

I wanted to tell you guys this because in the day and age of social media, we are creating online facades and took up selective story-telling, but there is always more (or sometimes less!) outside the frame.

We mostly give ourselves credit for jobs well-done, but if I turned around and took the picture of the brioche from another angle, you would have seen utensils strewn across the counter and probably a cat licking a bowl enthusiastically despite me snapping at her.

Also gobbled up the less perfect pieces before I took the camera out. There. In a world when our lives are put on display through filters, extensive retouching, constant editing and tireless curating, I think it’s more important than ever to try keeping it real.

So now that I’ve given you a little #bts, back to the original topic. Here’s how I eat IRL:

About 4 years ago, I switched to a healthier lifestyle, significantly reducing my sugar intake (used to drink coffee with 3 tbsp of sugar), lowering carbs (stopped eating bread and potatoes with everything) and hitting the gym.

These changes led to having more energy, less bloat, better sleep, better skin and also notable weight loss (which I do not consider to be the most important perk). All in all, I ended up with a healthier body that I started to feel ok with for the first time in my life.

Today, my plan includes working out regularly, being on a low carb diet on weekdays, and allowing myself to indulge on the weekends (that’s when blog content is created). This way, I am able to maintain my weight, keep the benefits mentioned above and enjoy all the flavours without remorse.

I’ve created a system that’s working for me, something I can stick to in the long run. In short, I’ve found my balance: my diet makes it possible for me to satisfy my cravings and fit into my favorite skinnies as well.

I’m happy I can be a bonkers foodie living a healthy, balanced life. That said, I’m not trying to convince you to follow suit or state that mine would be some kind of magic formula. Also, happiness has nothing to do with the size you’re wearing! I strongly believe the key to true well-being is maintaining a healthy mind and treating your body with respect.

Bottom line? I’d rather get judged for being real than be loved for faking flawlessness. How about you? How does all the perfection showcased on the internet make you feel? Envious? Causing you self-doubt? Or doesn’t bother you at all? I’d love to hear it!



“Table with some vegetables” photo by onlyyouqj via Freepik

2 thoughts on “Getting Real About My Eating Habits

  1. I actually quit all social media around the time of the American Election because the way people talked to each other online vs how they were in real life was often so different. And people were mean! After quitting (still off all but this blog that I started last month) I’ve found it a lot easier to not feel envious of other people, or to compare myself to other people. Instead, when someone shows me a picture of their kiddo doing something cute, I get to have a real conversation with them and genuinely enjoy the moment.
    Love that you took the time to be real and openly honest! We all need to do that, to support each other!

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