Our Trip to NYC

manhattan business buildings

It feels so good to be home and also, TAKE ME BACK! We were honeymooning and visiting family in NYC, and what a great time we had! Read on for a quick recap of our Big Apple experience:

New York City –center of the universe, epitome of big city life. Some say NYC is a bubble, but what a bubble!

Not a small one, for sure. Honestly! The realization day after day that NYC is not just big, it is enormous. Especially mind-numbing for someone like me coming from a country with about the same population as the City of Dreams.

Compared to European cities though, the pattern of numbered streets and avenues were very easy to navigate. Manhattan’s streets running for miles straight ahead felt like they were made purposefully for charging forward.

Also love to hate the most necessary evil, the subway: from sights to smells to sounds to the price to service changes to non-audible announcement, all the way down to turnstyles. It’s extremely convenient and efficient however, got to give you that.

There was a general sense of crammed-in-ness the first few days, but once we got used to that most iconic skyline, we began to realize how this lack of space makes planners seek innovative solutions. I find it amazing the way disused or run-down spaces are reclaimed and get transformed, my favorite example being The High Line. Love how a once-dilapidated structure was repurposed into a cultural landscape enrichment (that city needs all the green it can get).

Did our fair share of touristing too, visiting some must-see sights – check out my ‘gram for some #picsoritdidnthappen. Doing so, we walked some 95 miles according to my Health app tracker, discovering neighbourhood after neighbourhood. Speaking of walking: Walking is the secret ingredient. NYC is the recipe that requires this ingredient in all of its dishes.*

Did I just hear dishes? I think I did! 🙂

You can eat pretty much anything at any time in New York. Wanted to try as many new flavors as possible so we were going HAM at the food. Truly the most extravagantly I’ve eaten in a long time with no gym visits at all and that’s totally OK. I loved every minute of it! Most times you work hard to take care of yourself, eat well and work out regularly. Other times you get busy living.

Did not deny myself any indulgence the last few weeks, but now I’m back on track. Got my slightly bigger ass kicked at the gym this morning and a nice lean meal is waiting for me in the fridge. Don’t worry though, my plans for the week also include trying some new recipes I will share with you in due course.



*from the article Why Everyone Should Live In New York City by Brian Rashid

Title image “blue manhattan district bottom tall” by onlyyouqj via Freepik

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