Friday Finds

And so by degrees the winter wore away… and the chill, bitter, windy, early spring came round.

– Anthony Trollope

Spring neutrals (photo by Tjaša via Flickr):

spring neutrals

Wise words:

beau taplin quote

Spring in the kitchen (photo by Vibeke of Vibeke Design):

farmhouse kitchen

Never not candles (via Pinterest):

candles and mercury glass

Spring upgrades (Affogato al Caffè by Lisa of Very Eatalian):


Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

Some say they hate February because it’s so… grey. I, for one, love grey! It’s subtle, neutral and soothing. Like these images:

Concrete via decordots:

concrete vase with flower


cheryl strayed quote

Soft tints by Jonas Berg:

neutral interior

Linen by Kelly of Live Laugh Rowe:

wite plates with cutlery

Still by Alice of Lingered Upon:

neutral still life

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

Après holidays, living in a winter wonderland.

Reflection (photo: Light by Joakim Bengtsson):

light by joakim bengtsson


maya angelou quote

Serenity (Denali National Park, Alaska. Photo taken by National Park Service):

denali national park

Warmth (Kollektion Herbst und Winter via Vosteen):

Kollektion Herbst & Winter 2016

Life (Winter by Ervin Kobakçi):

winter by ervin kobakci

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

I wish all of you peace and so much love!

Holiday colors (photo by Ania via Flickr):

decor with red berries

Festive ornaments (garland decor by DwellStudio):

ornament garland

Christmas morning rituals (winter cookies by 79 ideas, photo by radostina):

cups and cookies

The house smelling of gingerbread (photo by Migle Seikyte):

dough and cookie cutters

A village of lanterns (via Pinterest):

house lanterns

Happy weekend and a Merry Christmas to all! See you in January.


Friday Finds

You are never too old to play in the leaves!

Poppies (photo by Maria Sånge of Green Heart):

dry poppies

It’s an inside job:

happiness is not a checklist Beau Taplin

“Light and mist and dead leaves” photo by Elena Morelli:

autumn forest road

Marbled pillar candles available at Nordic House:

marbled pillar candles

Rosehips on thin wire, how pretty is this? (from Fun Tea Party Ideas)

rosehip heart with twine

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

Eat fresh, buy local! Those stalls at the market are barely holding up under all the beautiful produce in season. I tend to mourne summer a little, but also adore this time of the year. So looking forward to the new season!

Loving this color scheme (home decor line by Casa Vivante):

silver tray with candles and glass

This quote from the lovely designer, painter, and writer warms my heart:

Elle Luna quote

Oregon. This makes me want to go camping ASAP (via Tumblr):

Wet Coast Canada

Rustic, natural and blush. So pretty! (Hale Mercantily CO linens photographed by Line Kay)

rustic natural and blush kitchen

Grilled peaches with cinnamon whipped cream by Laura Trevey, photo by Marcelle Calder. Yum!

grilled peaches

Happy weekend!



Friday Finds

August: the best of the summer gone, and the fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.

Sylvia Plath

Before we get summertime sadness, the images that inspired me this week are…

This amazing centerpiece (photo by Jose Villa):

coral oystershell candles centerpiece

These words of wisdom:

to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishmentt

This view of the Aegean (photo by Ezio Zaia):

aegean with olive tree

This lovely necklace with seaglass (found on Etsy):

seaglass necklace

These frozen yogurt blueberry bites by Sarah of Live Eat Learn:

frozen blueberry bites

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

Isn’t it funny how we wait long winter nights dreaming of summer, and when it is well under way we complain about it. Either if you are trapped in an office freezing with the air-con on full blast, or melting while running errands in the asphalt jungle, these cool hues might sooth you on such a sizzling first day of July.

Blue hydrangea table runner with candles (photo by Jay Anderson):


Find joy in the ordinary:


Dreams of white and turquoise at Mykonos, Greece (photo by Michela Ravasio):


Beach house vibes (Aqua artisanal stoneware by Serax):


Handblown seagreen pendant lights by Cisco Home:


Happy weekend!




Friday Finds

Farewell, spring, you were all so wonderful! I am caught up in the excitement of what the summer has in store for us. Let’s see this week’s treasures:

This staircase in the South of France photographed by Didier Massé:


As David Ogilvy, Father of Advertising said:


This fireplace filled with candles by Sarah Gibson over at Room for Tuesday:


Vodka pear lavender lemonade, don’t mind if I do! Recipe by Ashley Rose of Sugar & Clothe:


The table setting of a modern minimalist beach wedding in Florida, photographed by Lauren Kinsey:


Happy weekend!