Friday Finds

April, April, laugh thy girlish laughter, and the moment after, Weep thy girlish tears, April.

– Angus Wilson

Dusty rose peonies (via Ma Sérendipité):

dusty rose peonies

You are responsible for your own happiness:

her own world

DIY modern pom pom pillow (by Molly of Almost Makes Perfect):

pom pom pillow

Ivory Farmhouse Canisters from Pier1:

ivory farmhouse canisters

Content and comfy (via Tumblr):

comfy cat

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

hibernation (n.) /ˌhaɪ.bəˈneɪ.ʃən/ To be in a dormant or torpid state during a cold period, especially during the winter.

Anyone relate?

Frozen in mint (image via Pinterest):

frozen water and trees

What’s on your menu? (art print by Stephen Anthony Davids):

menu art print

Everything about this screams hygge (white oriental mug via Pinterest):

oriental mug with tea

Sorry, I’ve got plans for the weekend (photo: Pony by Craig Kirk):

sleeping cat

Tree rings (photo by Janet Little Jeffers):

tree rings

Happy weekend!


Friday 13th Finds

Hey there Paraskevidekatriaphobes! Last time I’ve admitted I’m not such a big help when it comes to superstition, but I will continue with the tradition of posting cats with their celebrity owners to bring you luck. In May it was some pretty famous ladies, now it’s the guys turn. Follow their guidance to survive today!

Snuggle up, like Sean Connery did:

sean connery with cat

Make a cup of tea, like Bob Dylan did:

bob dylan with cat

Work on some new ideas, like Marlon Brando did:

marlon brando with cat

Read a good book, like Robert Redford did:

robert redford with cat

Or just stay in bed, like Rod Stewart did:

rod stewart with cat

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

Welcome back! It’s that time again so as promised, my favorites for the week:

Unconditional love for succulents (photo by Kate Berry):

#2 Friday Finds succulents

A kind reminder:

#2 Friday Finds motivation

Are you ready to bake?

#2 Friday Finds eggs

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany. Photo by KT Merry.

#2 Friday Finds Tuscany

A viable plan for the upcoming long holiday weekend:

#2 Friday Finds mood

Happy weekend!