Friday Finds

Robust and earthy red-brown marsala was Pantone’s Color of the Year back in 2015, but luckily nature reproduces it for us over and over again, especially this time of the year.

Raspberries (image via Tumblr):

raspberries burgundy

Hydrangeas (photo by Liam Rimmington):

hydrangeas marsala

Macarons (image via Pinterest):

burgundy macarons

Wool yarn (image via Etsy):

burgundy wool yarn

Wedding menu (photo by Lani Elias):

wedding calligraphy

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.

Helen Hunt Jackson

Welcoming a new season with these pretty images:

Drying hydrangeas by Kristen of Ella Claire:

drying hydrangeas in basket


chase grace

Sunset in rose gold (photo by Richard Powell):

outer hebrides sunset

Vintage candleholders from a beach venue (photographed by Feather & Stone):

vintage candleholders

Fig and prosciutto pizza by Rachel of Spache the Spatula:

fig prosciutto pizza

Happy weekend!


Friday Finds

Isn’t it funny how we wait long winter nights dreaming of summer, and when it is well under way we complain about it. Either if you are trapped in an office freezing with the air-con on full blast, or melting while running errands in the asphalt jungle, these cool hues might sooth you on such a sizzling first day of July.

Blue hydrangea table runner with candles (photo by Jay Anderson):


Find joy in the ordinary:


Dreams of white and turquoise at Mykonos, Greece (photo by Michela Ravasio):


Beach house vibes (Aqua artisanal stoneware by Serax):


Handblown seagreen pendant lights by Cisco Home:


Happy weekend!